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We manufacture and supply the premium quality of Solar Grid Tied or ON grid Solar for Industrial. The offered solar grid tied for industrial sectors allow the reduction of system capital cost battery maintenance and battery maintenance cost after three to four years.


On-Grid Solar


Enhanced functional life of twenty years and remote monitoring systems makes the solar grid tied for industrial purposes highly demanded.

An on-grid or grid-tie solar photovoltaic system is when your solar photovoltaic system is connected to a utility source or electrical service provider. You pay for the amount of electricity you consume to the utility provider. Grid-tie solar systems use inverters that meet the requirements of the utility and must not emit noise that can interfere with electrical devices such as reception for television and must retain acceptable levels of harmonic distortion for quality of voltage and current output waveforms. On-grid solar systems are advantageous as the electricity is utilized by the owner during the day and any surplus is supplied to the grid; some utilities pay for this surplus electricity at a higher rate known as a Feed In Tariff (FIT). During the evenings, when solar electricity is not generated, electricity is drawn from the grid avoiding the need for costly battery banks.

  • Its Grid-tied system not Grid feeding so no need of Net metering.
  • High quality MPPT inverter ensures maximum out put from Solar Pane.
  • Single phase / Three phase pure sine wave AC output.
  • Auto changeover from Solar to Grid or Grid to Solar.
  • Remote Monitoring System.
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